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A thermostat is a key piece to your heating and cooling system. We offer numerous types of thermostats ranging from non-programmable thermostats to the latest high tech programmable thermostats.

Replacing Your Outdated Thermostatt_xxl_950_comfcont_bty_4c1

In recent years thermostats have become increasingly user friendly; meaning it may be time to consider replacing your old thermostat even if it still does the job. A new thermostat could make your heating and cooling system more efficient through special programming, which can also even be controlled by a smartphone. Unlimited access to your air conditioner via smartphone allows you to control when your system runs and in return your energy bills may be reduced.

Benefits of a New Thermostat


Based upon the brand and model of the thermostat it will allow you to do different things; here are some of the common features of most high tech thermostats:

  • Control your thermostat remotely by a smartphone
  • Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Check weather forecasts
  • Create daily heating and cooling schedules
  • Filter service reminder alert
  • Maintenance reminder alert
  • Humidity sensor
  • Digital Photo Frame

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