Find answers to things frequently asked to Schultheis bros.


My HVAC equipment is frozen, what should I do?

Turn off your system, it needs to thaw out before a certified technician can assess the issue

How do I turn my furnace off?

A furnace can be turned off by switching the thermostat to the OFF position

How often should I change my furnace filter?

Furnace Filters should be changed once a month year round

Do I need to buy a cover for my air conditioning unit during winter months?

A cover is not necessary, but if you would feel more comfortable you can place a piece of plywood on top. A fancy cover is not necessary

Can dog urine damage my outdoor HVAC equipment?

Yes, the urine can eat away at the coil. It is best to have the unit out of reach from your dog

Is it best to leave my air conditioner on nonstop during a heat wave

No, your air conditioner cannot keep up operating without a break. It is recommended to allow your air conditioner a break when not home. This will help the air conditioner operate at peak performance.

Am I able to have a/c in my home if I do not have ductwork?

Yes! We are a proud Elite Diamond Dealer with Mitsubishi ductless. They manufacturer a/c systems that require NO ductwork

Do I need annual maintenance on my HVAC equipment?

Yes, maintenance is not only necessary to extend the life of your equipment and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Maintenance is also required by most manufacturers in order to maintain product warranties.

Can I still use my furnace with a cracked heat exchanger?

No, this is incredibly dangerous. A cracked heat exchanger produces carbon monoxide that could leak into your home.


How long do asphalt shingles last?

The typical life expectancy of asphalt shingles is 20-25 years

What is the difference between three tab and dimensional shingles?

Three tab shingles are completely flat. Dimensional shingles have definition and do not lie completely flat on your roof.

Can I clean my roof to eliminate algae or black streaks?

This practice can be done, but by a professional. Too much pressure or the use of wrong cleaning products can damage your roof.

What type of ventilation can be used on a shingle roof?

Ridge vent, power vents, and louvres are all commonly used ventilation products

Are roof inspections necessary?

Roof inspections are recommended annually to help spot any problem areas and make repairs before they become large issues.

What is the difference between CertainTeed Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles?

CertainTeed Landmark shingles have a 10 year algae resistance, while Landmark Pro shingles have a 12 year algae resistance and contain more copper granules. Landmark Pro shingles are also heavier with a more defined color palette.

How do I know if my roof needs replaced?

Missing shingles, black streaks, large amount of granules on the ground, and active leaking are all signs of the end of a roof’s life.

What are seamless aluminum gutters?

Seamless aluminum gutters do not contain any seams and custom made to fit the exact measurement of your roof.

What size gutters does my home need?

Seamless gutters are available in 5” and 6” sizes. The size is determined based on your roofs square footage and pitch.

Do you offer gutter screens?

Yes, we are able to add gutter screens to existing or new gutter systems.

Should I get a new skylight when my roof is replaced?

Yes. We recommend having your skylight replaced when installing a new roof. This ensures that all components of your roof have the same life expectancy.