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It is important that your home stays within a humidity range especially during the winter. Heating your home dries out the air inside your home and that moisture needs to be replaced. Here are some problems that arise from poor humidity in your home during heating season.

  1. Skin Irritation: Low humidity inside your home will cause your skin to dry out and become itchy.
  2. Unhealthy Air: Many viruses do well in a low humidity environment and this could increase the likelihood of getting colds and the flu during your heating season.
  3. Home Damage: Many people do not realize this, but having heated air with a low humidity can damage your home. The heated air will pull moisture from your home causing walls and ceilings to crack and wood floors to separate.

If you experience any of these problems with your indoor air, please contact us and one of our comfort consultants will give you a free estimate of adding a whole-home humidifier to your home.

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