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Greenburg Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioner is not running properly or is in need of a cleaning or inspection, call Schultheis Brothers at 724-216-4099. Our Greensburg Air Conditioner Repair technicians can be out to your home the same day or the very next day for quick easy repairs and maintenance. Sometimes air conditioners just need to be cleaned and maintained a little, sometimes a little coolant recharging is needed, but we can help get your home cool quickly.

When to Get Air Conditioner Repair

If you air conditioner isn’t functioning at all, call Schultheis Brothers and we can assess the problem and in either case, we can repair or replace the unit for you. If you feel the air isn’t cold enough coming out of the air conditioner, that could be a coil or coolant issue, we service those types of problems easily. For major air conditioner repairs, we may need to order a part or go pick one up but in most cases we care most major brand replacement parts in house and on our service trucks. If you ever feel heat coming out of the air conditioner, turn it off and if possible, turn off or unplug the power to the unit. Our air conditioner repair technicians will check the components for you.

Greensburg Air Conditioner Repair

What Type Of Air Conditioner Repairs Can Be Done

If you have a central air system or forced air system, or a window air conditioner, Schultheis Brothers can help with all your air conditioner repair needs. We know how hot it gets in Greensburg and we do our best to fix most major brand air conditioners and central air systems. We offer 24 hour live customer service and we do make emergency air conditioner repairs for especially hot days. If you have young children or elderly people with you, heat can be very dangerous and you should not wait to get air conditioners repairs any longer than necessary.

For more information on air conditioner repairs in Greensburg, call Schultheis Brothers now at 724-216-4099 or fill out the contact form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.

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