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Furnaces in Pittsburgh

Schultheis Bros. has many years of installing furnaces in the Pittsburgh area. Whether your business or your home needs it, we use top of the line equipment to install and repair your furnaces. Our expert technicians have the expertise needed to resolve any problem that could arise for your furnace. If you are in need of assistance with your furnaces, Schultheis Bros. has the answers you are looking for. To schedule service in the Pittsburgh area, please call us at 412-793-8000.

What services does Schultheis Bros. offer for furnaces in the Pittsburgh area?furnace-tuneup-sbc

When installing furnaces in the Pittsburgh area, we strive to make sure that first and foremost, the customers we work with receive reliable, quality service. Some of the services we include are:

  • Equipment Replacement and Preventative Maintenance

We provide the highest quality service for your equipment at an affordable price. Not only will we find the perfect furnace to replace your old one, we will make sure that your new furnace will optimize your system’s efficiency in your home or business in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Complete System Installation

Our specialty is to make your home’s climate comfortable. We are capable of designing your furnace to meet your home’s or businesses’ specific need in the Pittsburgh area. Our experts will assess your accommodations, and design a furnace system that suits the area best.

When would we need the furnace repaired?

We strongly recommend that your furnace is maintained and inspected on a yearly basis by a qualified technician. Yearly maintenance will ensure that your furnace runs at its optimal efficiency. It may be a sign that your furnace needs to be repaired if your home does not seem to be heating up properly. At that point, it would be recommended to call a professional so that they can get your furnace repaired in a timely manner. Schultheis Bros. has all of the answers and services you need for your furnace in the Pittsburgh area. To schedule service, please call us at 412-793-8000 or fill out the form below.

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