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At Schultheis Bros., your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priorities, as well as giving you top quality service. Our services that we provide to our customers includes the installation, repair and service of air conditioning units in the Pittsburgh area. We have many years of experience involving air conditioner installation, and we have many years of giving our customers the top quality service they need, and deserve. If your home or business needs Schultheis Bros. to install an air conditioner in the Pittsburgh area, you can give us a call at 412-793-8000.

How would Schultheis Bros. figure out what air conditioners my home needs?

Schultheis Bros. prides itself on its top quality customer service. Not only will we offer you full maintenance and repair services of your air conditioner unit, but we will also recommend you the best air conditioner that can fit within your budget. Our consultants are highly experienced in finding the equipment that best suits your needs, and we can also work with your preferred brand of appliances.

What are the benefits of regularly maintaining my air conditioning unit?

Regularly maintaining your air conditioner is paramount to you being comfortable during the hot months. Keeping the air conditioner maintained will greatly reduce your energy costs, will keep the repair bills down, and will overall improve your air conditioning system’s lifespan. The biggest reason that air conditioners fail is because they are not regularly maintained, so it is extremely important that you consult a professional to maintain your air conditioner. At Schultheis Bros., we strive to bring you top quality service, both to your appliances and to yourself. If you are looking for the services of Schultheis Bros., go ahead and give us a call at 412-793-8000 or fill out the form on this page.

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