Dog urine damaged air conditioner

Dog urine has severely damaged this air conditioner, affecting it’s performance during the summer months

Have you noticed a decline in the performance of your air conditioning system? Surprisingly if you have a dog they can have a big impact on your equipment during those hot summer months.

If your dog loves to leave their mark on your air conditioner, you may be in for a rude awakening this summer.

Dog urine can be very damaging to your air conditioning unit by eating away at the coil of the unit.

Damage to your unit’s coil can lower the seer rating, resulting in a less efficient system and a less comfortable home with higher energy bills.

Even if your air conditioner is a newer model, the urine can still cause extensive damage that ‘s hidden by the heavy-duty protective grates on the outside of the unit.


There are four ways you can deal with the issue:

1. Leave system as is, but the damage is done and your efficiency with decline with each use

2. Replace the system’s condensing coil, but this could be as costly as a new system

3. Replace the unit and move it to a new location that the dog cannot access

4. Relocate the current unit where dog does not have access

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