Annual A/C Maintenance is a must, no matter how well your equipment is working

Annual A/C maintenance not only prevents unexpected breakdowns, but it also ensures the safety of your home. Even if your equipment is keeping your home perfectly cool and comfortable, it is essential to have your unit inspected each year to make sure there are no unexpected surprises.

You might not be the only one enjoying your A/C unit….

One of customer’s perfectly working a/c units was turned into a luxury home for a few of the neighborhood birds, which never would have been caught if not for their annual a/c maintenance.

Luckily, the nest was removed before any major issues could occur (no birds were harmed during this process).

Properly removing pieces of your ac and checking over the systems functionality should only be done by a certified professional, for your safety and the safety of your home.

Options for annual a/c maintenance

Customers are able to purchase an a/c tune up yearly or Schultheis Bros has the option of two type of annual maintenance contracts. Our Red & Gold plans include the annual maintenance of both your furnace and a/c.

Our customer service representative will call you every six months as a reminder to schedule your tune up to eliminate the hassle of remembering.

Both plans include the following benefits:

  • NO overtime rates
  • Emergency HVAC service available 24/7
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Discounts on parts and new equipment
  • Thorough cleaning/inspection of equipment
  • Multi-year discounts available

And much more, contact one of our customer service representatives today to learn more and sign up for your first A/C tune up!