Schultheis Bros is a Silver Sponsor for the Gift of Adoption Fund. Support of the Gift of Adoption Pennsylvania Cheers to the Gift of Adoption event gives hope to children waiting to be united with a family to call their own.

Too many children are growing up without the love and stability of family. And many people consider the significant costs of adoption to be a barrier to bringing these children home. Thanks to donations, Gift of Adoption is able to step in and provide the final funds to complete adoptions and unite families.

Impacts made are reflected in stories like Arav’s. Arav was adopted in 2021. His parents recently shared, “We have seen so many amazing transformations in Arav’s life! He was very weak when we first met him (he couldn’t sit up for long periods of time). Now he is walking, saying some words, and gaining a lot of ground developmentally. Our grant eased the financial burden of the adoption and allowed us to focus on his needs.”