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Kappeler Family

This was a very tough decision.
Thank you to everyone who voted!



Schultheis Bros. recognizes how difficult the last year has been and the strain it has placed on all of us. As we prepare to celebrate our 75th year in business, we recognize this tremendous milestone would not be possible without the support we have received from the community.

Now, it is time for us to support our wonderful community by giving back to a person or family in need of a new roof. The person selected will receive a FREE CertainTeed Integrity Roof System installed by our team of experts.

While the last year has been challenging for so many, and we would love to help everyone, we can only pick one family.


Rachel is my sister and she has always had struggles throughout her life even though she always tries to do her best. Her and her husband bought a house at the end of 2020 and it has been non stop repairs. They need a new roof but because of all of the unexpected work they had to do on their home, they cannot afford to replace their roof. I can’t afford to pay for a new roof for them but if I could win one for them, I would be beyond thrilled and so grateful.



I am a newly single mom of two, a 4 year old boy and an almost 1 year old girl. I have owned my home for 6 years and have completed many home improvement projects here, including the removal of multiple large, dying trees from the property. A few months ago I received notice from my insurance company that after a “random inspection” it was determined I would need to replace my roof by June 2023 in order to not be dropped from my policy. The financial burden of this could be devastating for me at this point. In the last year I have overcome a difficult c-section recovery, an emergent gallbladder removal surgery resulting in a 4 day stay away from my babies for IV antibiotics due to surgical error, and now learning how to be a single mama to my kiddos. Between my mounting medical bills, and the rising costs of groceries, gas and everything else right now, being able to remove the worry of a new roof would be a huge blessing to me and my kids.

Thank you very much for your consideration.
Lindsay, Cullen & Larkyn


Trying to survive life is basically my story. With yearly inspection checks and repairs by Shultheis Brothers has allowed me to feel safe thru brutal winters and extreme rain down poor. I most definitely need a roof and hoping my house is one of the chosen. Thank you Schultheis Brothers for your professionalism and caring for your customers.

“My brother and I may poke fun at our parents playing out that oldie but goodie statement “We’re robbing Peter to pay Paul.” but growing up man was that true. Now that I am raising a family of my own, it’s clear why it was true. Our entire lives they have sacrificed, not paying this bill to pay that bill — but honestly what family trying to survive through life hasn’t.

My parents have done so much good in their lifetimes that when Patty from Schultheis Brothers called to say they were finalists in winning a new roof even the grandkids screamed, jumped up and down saying yay Mimi and Poppi you deserve it!! It’s so cool they were chosen as a finalist…. it would be a blessing winning a new roof as they are certainly in need of one. Thank you Schultheis Brothers for considering my parents!”

– Markita



Nomination Period:
June 20 – July 29
*One Nominee Per Person

Top Three finalists announced:
August 3

Voting for top three finalists:
August 3 – August 23

The winner will be announced:
August 26

Roof will be installed:
October 2022